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This is an entirely frivolous journal, blessedly confined to a handful of people. Friend at will; defriend likewise.

I come here to escape. Herein lie opinions, fictions, fantasies, necessary truths, and cherished retreats. This is one of two fictitious, stodgy personalities designed to help me cope with, and even enjoy, life. If you must picture me, picture an elderly sixty-five-year-old spinster (as opposed to an athletic sixty-five-year-old single woman) sipping endless cups of tea.

I'm not particularly interested in discussing myself, nor particularly comfortable doing so.

As a compromise, I suppose I can focus on trivialities, and avoid personal details. So, let's see: I've decided that much of this century is optional, and I'm opting out. I like real mail, pointless graces, long conversations, and anachronisms. In my spare time I write (it's like confessing to a disease of some kind, isn't it?), but I'm not suffering from the delusion that this makes me particularly unique. I do, though, love "meeting" other people who enjoy writing, and creative people in general. I have an ineradicable practical streak, so my elaborate fantasy life is, so to speak, always conducted with one eye on how best to do this without offending common sense.
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