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Or at least an Agatha Christie reader.

You know how in the Richard Castle books, his blatent self-insert is named Jameson Rook? (If you didn't you do now, I guess.) I'm re-reading Christie's Nemesis,
and I noticed something neat.

In Chapter One, Miss Marple is thinking about a former companion, and having trouble remembering her name (the bolding is mine, obviously):
"Ah," said Miss Marple, "what a change for the better since--" oh, dear, she'd forgotten her name now--Miss--Miss Bishop?--no, not Miss Bishop; of course not. Why had she thought of the name Bishop? Oh, dear, how difficult it was.
Her mind went back to Mr. Rafiel and to--no, it wasn't Johnson, it had been Jackson, Arthur Jackson.
"Oh, dear," said Miss Marple again, "I always get all the names wrong. And of course it was Miss Knight I was thinking of. Not Miss Bishop. Why do I think of her as Miss Bishop?" The answer came to her. Chess, of course. A chess piece. A knight. A bishop.
"I shall be calling her Miss Castle next time I think of her, I suppose, or Miss Rook...."

Not convincing on its own, I know. After all, there are still the first names to consider. Richard and Jameson. Come to think of it, that sounds like a name itself, doesn't it? Richard Jameson?

Which was why I was so pleased to hit the end of Chapter Five, part II, when Miss Marple is considering the other passengers on her coach tour:
The handsome woman was identified as Miss Elizabeth Temple, who was the retired headmistess of a famous girls' school. Nobody appeared to Miss Marple likely to be a murderer, except possibly Mr. Caspar, and that was probably foreign prejudice. The thin young man was Richard Jameson, an architect.
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